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Is This TVD's Final Season?!

I would hope the writers would be like “hey this is our final season” but honestly I wouldn’t be too mad if it was. The show was best season 1-3 for me. Although I am excited to see Alaric return.



I walked into my class the other day, got sick and left bc I was throwing up in the bathroom and my prof confronted me about it, and said he’s worried about my attendance and it was weird that I looked in and left but “didn’t need to know my business” like ok?? I’m sorry I vomited and left?? Like should I have done it in class and written a note in it like wtf. 

I can’t stand that. I had the flu and pink eye at the same time and my professor gonna talk about I’m concerned about your attendance. Girl I’m concerned about my health don’t give nooo fucks about your class! I’m worried that I had to borrow money to go to the doctor and buy medicine and I’m trying not to infect the entire class sorry I’m compassionate.

If professors would come at me different I’d be less irritated but I was literally emailing her telling her what was going on when she said that. Which to me shows you don’t care.